Frequently Asked Questions

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What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a method of delivering behavioral health services through a HIPPA compliant two-way communication, which must be live and interactive video combined with audio, when the client and behavioral health provider are not in the same physical location. 

Is telehealth safe for me and my private information?

Our platform is HIPPA compliant in order to ensure the privacy and safety of your personal information. 

What can I expect during my initial visit?

We will take the first session to assess your unique situation and specific reasons for seeking out counseling or other services. From there, we will be able to determine if my areas of expertise are the right fit for you. If so, we can discuss what treatment and/or services will look like for you. If we feel that our services are unable to provide you with the highest level of care, we will provide you with appropriate referrals to meet your specific needs.

Will our sessions be confidential?

As a stand rule, anything that is discussed with your therapist during a session will remain between the two of you, unless you request otherwise. By law, therapists are not allowed to disclose any information from sessions without written consent from a client. However, therapists are considered mandated reporters and there are exceptions to this law including:

  • If the therapist suspects any form of abuse towards a child, adult, or elder OR is made aware of domestic abuse then the appropriate authorities will be contacted immediately.
  • If the therapist suspects an individual has caused, or is threatening to cause severe bodily harm to another person such as homicidal plans, the appropriate authorities will be contacted immediately.
  • If an individual intends to harm himself or herself such as expressing suicidal plans, the therapist will attempt to work with the client to develop a safety plan during the session; however, if this issue cannot be resolved or the client is unwilling/unable to cooperate then the appropriate authorities will be contacted immediately.
Can I get an emergency session?

In the case if any emergency, please reach out to any of the following emergency resources:

Suicide Hotline (1-800-SUICIDE)

Crisis Hotline (713-468-5463)


Or go to your nearest emergency room