Black women experience a lot of hardship in different areas of their lives because of discrimination, segregation, and prejudice. We can blame the employment gap on the history of structural racism deeply rooted in America’s work system. This unbalanced scale accounts for why in a professional setting you may find only one Black woman among 5 or more white women! All Black women are high achievers but because of the things that you have had to face and deal with daily, it’s normal for low self-esteem to creep in, and cause you to live below your capacity. 

Low self-esteem is your evaluation of your self-worth, how you rate yourself, and how you think people should rate you. The majority of Black women grow up in critical environments that go on to affect their mental health in the future and form the basis of how they see themselves. Although low self-esteem is not something that can be spotted right away by other people, you can spot low self-esteem in yourself as you progress in life and work on getting rid of it. 

Ask yourself do you run away from tasks even though you know you’re capable of achieving them? When your boss or co-workers compliment you do find yourself doubting it? Are you constantly taking the fall for others? Are you constantly looking for validation from others? Do you take constructive criticism a little too personally?! Do you think the other woman is better than you? Do you lack confidence?

Low self-esteem can hurt your career growth, it causes opportunities to slip away from you because you are always too busy thinking you’re not good enough for it. Your employers can make wrong assumptions about you based on the attitudes you exhibit because of low self-esteem; you may have killer ideas and not be able to execute or share them with anyone because you’re not confident enough and think they’re no good enough. There are so many ways that low self-esteem can delay your career’s growth but luckily there are ways you can work to improve your self-confidence. 

How To Improve Your Self Esteem

Black women are the most talented women on the earth!! We are steadily bagging awards and titles all over the globe, but there’s still a huge gap that needs to be filled and low self-esteem can be a major hindrance to the rise of more Black women in the workforce. Regardless of what you heard when you were growing up or what you think you are, you are 100 percent better than that! There are steps you can consider incorporating into your lifestyle to help improve your self-esteem.

  1. Words of affirmation: As simple as this seems it goes a long way in reshaping your thoughts and wrong notions about yourself. Tell yourself you’re the best at what you do and celebrate every small win. Recognize that for you to be where you are, you’re more than capable of handling whatever comes your way. Say to yourself- words like ‘I’m indispensable, I am enough, or I am strong.” Love yourself and believe in your self-worth so that others can easily do the same. 


  1. Stop Personalizing your mistakes: You’re not your mistakes! Because Black women go through a lot, it’s normal to judge yourself based on the mistakes you’ve made or the things you should’ve done that you didn’t. You have outgrown your past, look at where you are now, and believe that you deserve it. Learn how to accept criticism and use them as a magic map to jump to the next level. Criticism doesn’t have to reduce your worth; it allows you to increase it.


  1. Be Bold: Ignore that voice in your head that tells you to shut up when you want to speak. Grab every opportunity you get to grow your career. If you have ideas, share them! If you’re given a task, remember what you’re capable of achieving and go do it! Taking a stand and having self-confidence places no one above you at work, regardless of race or gender. Black women be aware of your royalty!